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microwave tv links


RF-Links Using The Best
Wireless Technology for
US Army unmanned vehicle

Unmanned GM car, US Army project; long range wireless video

Latest News

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ch-59 New Microwave Transmitter model WTX-4466 is a fully synthesized audio/video transmitter for wideband frequencies from 4400 - 6600 MHz
microwave links HIGH DEFINITION UHF Steadicam Video sender for any Digital TV channel from CH 14 UHF to CH 69 UHF Air DIGITAL TV band and all DIGITAL CABLE channels....
RF UHF Linear Wideband Amplifier 40-860 MHz
This execellent RF amplifier is great for digital exciters DVB-T or similar with low RF power output -10dBm - 0dBm ...
New Digital wideband microwave TV link
microwave links The new Digital Video link with widest frequency range operates in 4.95 GHz - 6.1 GHz band and it is made for long range up to 20 miles ...
LD-MOS broadcast UHF power Amplifier
luv-200mZD-500W is a full LD-MOS Broadcast Power Amplifier designed for both digital and analog applications...
Professional Video Sender for All TV Channels
camera A newest sender with broadcast picture quality, wideband frequency range, for all TV systems...
video sender with digital display
luv-200mA newest design sender with broadcast picture quality, wideband frequency range and lowest consumption...
High Power Amplifier 100 W Wideband
ZHS50-300/100 Designed for Testing, labs and Special purposes, transmitters, this amplifier incorporates microstrip technology and LDMOS device to enhance ruggedness and reliability.
White Space Radio OMNI-Directional Antenna
sdx-22This omni-directional antenna is a perfect match for UHF Broadcast TV transmitters or receivers,5.8 dB gain.
Small video transmitter 2.4 GHz 1 W Mil Grade
luv1000mx This 2.4 GHz transmitter is excellent for covert applications. It has full 1 W of power...
Mil Grade High power amp 20 MHz- 6 GHz 20W
This is a medium power, super broadband RF amplifier, ideal for broadband military platforms & commercial applications ...
Video transmitter 1 W for 2.4 GHz 8 Channels
luv-1000 The smallest 1 W audio/video transmitter for 2.4 GHz has 8 selectable channels in 2300-2500 MHz band....
Low Cost UHF Shark fin antenna
LT-860 LT-860 will give you an extended range and 9.0 dB gain in 470 MHz - 860 MHz band. This antenna can be used for both- transmitters and receivers...
Special Video Transmitter 30-900 MHz
ch-59 New Transmitter model TVX-30900/1 is a fully synthesized audio/video transmitter for wideband frequencies from 30 MHz- 920 MHz...
Wide range receiver with digital display
RMX-2000This is the most sensitive digitaly controlled receiver for 900 MHz - 2000 MHz. It has an LCD display....
Super Pre-amplifier for Receivers 1.6-2.0 GHz
amp-58l This special super amplifier made for Military applications has low noise and a high gain of 29 dB...
special transmitter for 1000 MHz - 2000 MHz
AMP18M/24 This transmitter is a special design for Military applications capable to work in extremely low or high temperature...
5 W audio/video transmitter LX-5800/H
LX-5800 The new High power video transmitter for 5.8 GHz with 8 selectable channels is a perfect solution for TV links, labs ..
Absolutely world's smallest ultra color camera
A ultra small newest CMOS Color Video camera with built-in video transmitter. ..
2.4 GHz video transmitter MIL 5 W rf power
LX-3000/5 MILFCC approved. This transmitter has 5 W RF Power in 2.4 GHz range and it is made for the special Police robots...
10 W audio/video transmitter 8 channels
LX-3000/10 This transmitter has 10 W RF Power in 2.4 GHz and range up to 30 miles from the Air...
Wideband video transmitter with display
LX-1015/2 This transmitter has wide range of frequencies from 1000 MHz- 1500 MHz with no gaps or limits. ...
150 W Outdoor UHF Linear TV Amplifier
ccdx-6 This is a professional mobile TV linear amplifier in AB class with 150 W RF output power and 2-4 W of input power...
Wideband Linear Amplifier 10-1000 MHz 12W
The new linear amplifier for UHF band based on Freescale IC is an excellent design made for special applications...

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