Audio/Video Transmitter 470-806 MHz

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The newest video sender GX-68D has been designed for professionals in Film industry and TV production. This unit has over 50 UHF channels. TV channels from CH 21-69 and 10 cable channels are available. This transmitter has excellent performances with a built-in video filters. RF section of this transmitter is amazing- you can cover all channels without any retuning. Digital display indicates the UHF channel. The range of this video sender is over 600 ft line-of sight (medium power model) or over 1 km with a high power unit. Transmitter measures only 3.2"x 2.0"x 0.9". GX-68D has built-in an audio portion. Recommended receiver is M-806. A special matching antenna that covers entire UHF TV band is included. Thius unit out performs all video senders on the market. Recommended DC voltage is 12 V. This Video sender works from 12 V - 50 V DC, thanks to special switching power supply built- in the unit. The channel selection is simple by push buttons.

Dimensions: 3.2 " X 2.0 " X 0.9 ".